About me

I'm Esther Bullock, cake-designer, gardener and mother-of-two. Our village is surrounded by the beautiful woods and hills of the Surrey countryside and is also where I run my cake business, The Goldfinch Kitchen.

I’m known for my natural, artistic wedding and celebration cakes decorated with edible flowers, fruit, macarons, chocolates and buttercream. Each cake is unique and every detail hand-made or home-grown. I prefer a less sugary approach to baking and the natural, magical beauty that buttercream, flowers and fruits can offer. My aim is for you to want to simply dig in with a fork!

I grow all my own fresh edible flowers here in The Goldfinch Kitchen garden and source fruit and eggs from farm shops and our local green grocer.

It’s a pleasure to be asked to create something bespoke for each of my clients. Since launching in 2019, I've been nominated for a TFN Best New Business Award, featured in local press and delivered more than 150 cakes.

When I’m not baking, I teach piano and am a soprano with all-female choral group, Corra Sound (www.corrasound.co.uk). I also spend as much time as I can exploring the countryside with my husband and two children.

I’m incredibly fortunate to be doing something so rewarding and creative. I love that my cakes make people smile and am really proud that each one is shared and enjoyed with loved ones.

"Goldfinch - Carduelis Carduelis - A beautiful bird with distinct yellow wing-stripe and delightful twittering song that decorates its nest with flowers."